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Monday, July 25, 2011

Farmers markets

Though not always the cheapest place to buy food, buying from local farmers markets means that you support your local producers by buying direct from them, and buying food that hasn't traveled the length of the island from farm to auction to store is fresher and better for the environment. Also farmers markets are a great place to get organic and free range produce and to try something new. More than often you do end up picking up some great specials too!

Yesterday we discovered the Hobsonville Point Farmers Market which is located on the land where the Hobsonville Air base used to be. Its on every Sunday morning from 9am-1pm and is undercover so even though the weather wasn't so great today, we were still able to go and enjoy it.

One of the products we love to buy at the markets is local honey. We have bought EarthBound Honey which is produced in Bethells Valley many times and it is great (try the Pohutukawa). We also got some Harmony free range (dry cured) bacon for a steal! They are SPCA Blue Tick accredited and have a great range of other meats too.

Other farmers markets:
Oratia Farmers Market: Artisan Wines, 99 Parrs Cross Road, Oratia. Saturday; 9am to 12.
Parnell Farmers Market: Jubilee Building Carpark, 545 Parnell Road, Parnell. Saturday; 8am to 12.

There are many more out there (check out but we have been to Oratia and Hobsonville Point and have heard good things about Parnell from friends.

So check out your local farmers market and let us know what you think.


  1. The Avondale market isn't a 'proper' farmer's market, but I do buy directly from at least three farmers there. The other stalls may be distributors, but their pricing suggests few 'middle-men' have handled those veges. So too do the 'picked yesterday' signs and the matching freshness. Even better, I can cycle there which saves heaps of carbons.

  2. Despite us living within walking distance of the Avondale markets I have to admit to never trying it out. We often drive past it and the crowds do put me off a bit! Might have to try it before we move though since it is very local.

  3. I'm so excited to read about these markets! We go to Farmer's Markets every Sunday here in Sydney and buy our produce for the week! I love the atmosphere (so much friendlier than greedy commercial supermarkets!) and we get to buy only organic and local produce (including bio-dynamic grass-fed meat!!). It also means you learn what is in season and that's much healthier too!
    I'm coming over to Auckland in about a month, so I'll try and make some time to go and check a couple of these markets out!!
    In OZ there's quite a few of these markets, and here's a website that lists them all in case any Aussies are looking:

    I do find sometimes that I can't get everything I need at a farmers market, so I do make a trip to Woolies occasionally, who have started to get the hint and are now stocking a few labelled "Macro" (organic, locally grown) produce items like carrots and potatoes. I'm not sure if NZ supermarkets are starting to do this too?