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Monday, June 20, 2011

Bubblewrap insulation

We stumbled across this idea on Frugal Kiwi which is a lovely blog written by a kiwi lady up north.
The idea is that you put bubblewrap on your windows and apparently it can halve the heat loss from a single glazed window. It seems like a strange idea, but one we are happy to try given that our house hardly has GIB let alone insulation!

We were all ready to give it a go this past weekend since we had a package arrive which contained bubble wrap but there really wasn't quite enough. So unfortunately, instead of having a great blog entry with before and after photos (and hopefully a thermometer reading also), we thought this time we would just link to the original article so that people can check it out. Here it is at Build It Solar.

We promise that as soon as we acquire more bubblewrap, we will try this and put up pictures asap!

1 comment:

  1. Another option you might want to look at is this: that's what we use and it works well.  You can buy it from the sustainable living centre in Olympic Park in New Lynn.  Or if you want to give the bubble wrap a good go first, you could drop by our place some time we've got more than we need at the moment: just message Martin on Facebook.

    --Heather :-)