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Friday, June 3, 2011

Some thoughts on being neighbourly

Since becoming a SAHM*, my reading list of blogs has increased quite substantially...
I went to one of my regular reads this morning ( and came across her post about her neighbours and how she felt bad that she hadn't gotten to know them better.
It lead me to thinking about our neighbours and how I would only be able to give you perhaps 2 first names out of the 20 something people who live down our driveway.

Seems kind of sad doesn't it? Do we really live such insular lives nowadays that we never end up meeting the people who live a mere few metres away?

As stated in our last post, we don't have much longer living here. Perhaps in our next house we will make an intentional effort to get to know those living close by. has a post about 5 ways to connect with your neighbours- the first one in particular really got my attention.

"Go out your front door"
Seems so simple doesn't it? So often I feel like we rush out of our home without a second glance at our surroundings.

So with this in mind, my encouragement to all who read this is to go out of your front door, stop and look around. Maybe say hello to the next person walking by.

If anyone has any great ideas as how to engage your community, feel free to share your tips in the comments below.

Token baby pic. Wee man @ the Cascades

*Stay at home mum

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